Blaze Game 2: Dustin The Destroyer

Hear the sirens? That’s the sound of firewagon hockey coming to the Skydome this year.

Blaze travelled up to Sheffield on Saturday night for the second game of the preseason, and once again I wasn’t there (I had a game to play in Coventry)…so once again I was following events through the wonders of Twitter.

Remember I said Dustin Cameron was the major player to watch for the Blaze? After a somewhat quiet scoring debut, the forward from Saskatoon scored three of the four goals in a 4-3 win. Oh yeah, and he did it in the form of a natural hat-trick. Shea Guthrie got the other

You’re welcome, Blaze fans. Let’s hope that this is the start of a beautiful friendship between Dustin and my voice saying “SCORE DUSTIN CAMERON!” at the Skydome.

Then there is Benn Olson. Whenever a big guy is signed for the Blaze, all the rhetoric is “he can play but he’s also willing to drop the gloves when needed”.

Olsen, as Cardiff’s Devin Didiomete and now Sheffield’s Matt Stevenson has found out, is more than willing. Two games in, and the 6’4 216lb-er from Port McNeill, British Columbia has three fights already. Brad Leeb was also thrown out of the game and will most likely not ice on Sunday due to a match penalty.

This is a team that might as well have DO NOT MESS WITH US emblazoned on their helmets.

Tonight they take on Sheffield again. Which should be…um, interesting. Particularly with some unfinished business seemingly lying around.

Preseason friendly? This team doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

It’s also my first game behind the microphone this season, which means that I’m awake at 6:30am memorising a whole bunch of new roster numbers-always the curse of an EIHL PBP guy this early in the season.

This could be a fun home opener indeed.

Monday will see a match summary and also an article letting you inside my world once again-describing just what I do on a matchnight, from leaving for the rink to the post-game drink. Stay tuned.

And oh-that Gardiner Conference Preview? Wednesday. Promise. 🙂


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