Points For Puppies: Blaze Fans Help Your Four Legged Friends

It’s amazing what an idea can do.

Today I was looking at Twitter and noticed that the Boston Bruins blog Stanley Cup of Chowder, which a friend of mine is involved in, had set up a a thing called Trees for Goals, which basically means they’ll plant 50 trees for every goal Boston Bruins dman Andrew Ference scores in the NHL this season.

It appears Ference saw the blog, liked the idea and said he’d join in, except that, due to a having a bit more money, he’ll plant fifty trees for every goal his team-mate Tyler Seguin scores. Given that Seguin’s one of the top young forwards in the NHL, that could cost him a few quid.

Now, me, I thought that it would be fun to have a similar hockey for charity’ thing for the Blaze. Given that one of the loves of my life is my family’s English Shepherd, Shea (yes, he is named after Guthrie) who we adopted as a rescue job from the Dogs’ Trust, I thought of the idea of a donation to the charity of 50p for every goal scored by a Blaze player of my choice (I picked Benn Olson, after the Trees for Goals template of picking a low-scoring player in the hope of encouraging a career year). As that seemed a bit cowardly, I added Brad Leeb, and set 50p a goal as the donation.

Then I posted the idea on Twitter. Didn’t expect any response-just thought it’d be a fun thing to do and maybe let the players involved know they were helping a charity by doing so.

Suddenly, my followers were messaging  saying “great idea, I’ll match it” or picking their own players. Within half an hour, my Twitter feed went mad. Fans were joining in, including ex-Blaze forward Gerome Giudice. Even Elite League ref Tom Darnell got involved, saying he’d donate 50p to Dog’s Trust for every penalty he called in his next time officiating the Blaze.

And suddenly, Points For Puppies was born.

The idea is simple.

From today (January 8th) until the end of the season, you pick a Blaze player (or, if you prefer, one from your own team) and commit an amount you’ll donate to be split between the Dog’s Trust and Guide Dogs For The Blind charity for every goal, or if you prefer, point they get. Chasing Dragons is doing 50p for every GOAL Benn Olson or Brad Leeb gets for the Blaze.

Frankly, the speed with which this (a casual idea and a quick post on Twitter that I thought would be lost in the crowd) has taken off has amazed me.

To join in, use the #pointsforpuppies hash tag on Twitter. I’ll set up a spreadsheet so people can follow how much they owe by Saturday, but this is very fluid right now as a casual idea has suddenly taken off.

Here’s how it works:

Here are the current (Jan 8th) points totals for the Blaze team from eliteprospects.com . To work out how much you’d owe at any point, simply subtract this amount from your chosen player’s current total at any time during the rest of the season, then multiply by your chosen donation-per-point to get your donation in pounds (1 for a pound, 0.5 for our suggested 50p donation, 0.25 for 25p, and so on):

                                         GP G   A   P

1. Mike Schutte (D) 38 11 32 43
2. Shea Guthrie (F) 32 14 23 37
3. Greg Leeb (F) 38 9 26 35
4. Matt Beleskey (F) 26 12 21 33
5. Brad Leeb (F) 37 18 14 32
6. Dustin Cameron (F) 33 15 12 27
7. Gerome Giudice (F) 26 8 7 15
8. Samuel Smith (F) 31 2 11 13
9. Benn Olson (D) 38 3 9 12
10. Russell Cowley (F) 15 5 6 11
11. Mike Bayrack (F) 18 5 6 11
12. Mike Egener (D) 36 1 10 11
13. Jerramie Domish (D) 20 2 5 7
14. James Griffin (D) 36 0 6 6
15. Ross Venus (F) 36 4 1 5
16. Dale White (D) 35 1 1 2
17. Josh Bruce (F) 9 0 2 2
18. Steven Chalmers (D) 37 1 0 1
19. Matthew Selby (D) 35 0 1 1
20. Josh Gent (F) 1 0 0 0 0
21. James Pease (D) 1 0 0 0 0
22. Kieran Papps (D) 1 0 0 0 0
23. James Preece (F) 5 0 0 0 0 |
24. Derek Campbell (F) 0 0 0 0

First column is games played, second is goals, third assists, and fourth total points. So, had this been running from the start of the season and you’d picked “50p per Mike Bayrack goal” you’d currently be donating 5 x 0.5 = £2.50. It’s that simple. 

If anyone wants to get their own team involved, then the template is simple-pick a player, and it’s 50p a goal or 50p a point (goals and assists) whichever you prefer. However,  it’ll need someone to organise it for other teams, cause keeping track of 200 players will be beyond me and it could get a little big for one person.

Keep an eye on the #pointsforpuppies hash tag for all the latest updates in the meantime…and let’s hope the goals start flying in. You might hear the odd bark of joy under the goalhorns if they do…


3 thoughts on “Points For Puppies: Blaze Fans Help Your Four Legged Friends

  1. What a great idea, Points for Puppies, as a registered blind person who has been involved in hockey what seems a lifetime may I suggest donating the money to Guide Dogs, over 100 people weekly begin sight loss & this is a worth while cause !!

    Ian White @Scotsman7 i

    • Do you know-I didn’t even think of Guide Dogs…Dogs Trust was obviously because of my family’s own being a rescue dog. Maybe we can split the money half-and-half if people agree…

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