Ten Minutes With: #51 Sean Erickson

“Ten Minutes With…” is a semi regular series which will see Chasing Dragons ask players from both the Blaze and (hopefully) the rest of the EIHL ten questions and only ten questions on themselves, their careers and hockey. Today we talk to Coventry’s newest defenceman Sean Erickson.

Q- After spending the majority of your career in the CHL, what made you decide to make the trip across the Atlantic?

A- Playing in Europe has always been something I wanted to do since turning pro and England has always been among the countries that has always caught my eye as a destination.

Q- What made you decide to play in the Elite League, and particularly with the Blaze, this season?

A- The Elite League has always been a league that I wanted to play in. From speaking to players like Jordan Fox, George Awada, and David Beauregard the last few years and how they all rave about the league, the fans, and just the overall experience I knew I needed to do it. When deciding to come to Coventry, I spoke to Gerome Giudice and he had nothing but great remarks about playing here. When speaking with both Matt and Paul, I felt welcomed right away. Coventry has a rich history in the Elite League and its a privilege to play for them.  

Q- Like your new team-mate Brian McMillin, you’re from Minnesota-one of the hotbeds of hockey in North America. He’s said he never wanted to anything but a hockey player. Growing up, did you want to be anything else?

A- I actually began my hockey roots in St.Louis before moving to Minnesota to play High School. But growing up I guess you could say it was in my blood before I even before I knew what hockey was. Both my dad and grandfather played hockey and it was something that I fell into on my own. Hockey has always been number one and being able to play at such a high level to this point in my career, has been an honor and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now.

Q- How would you describe your style of play?

A- I’m a puck moving defenseman with an offensive touch, who loves jumping into the play as the second wave of attack.  

Q- What would you say is your best quality on the ice?

A- Definitely my skating.

Q- What is your favourite career moment to date?

A- Being able to score my first professional goal with my parents in attendance. Without them and all their sacrifice, I wouldn’t have any career moments. 

Q- Have you been keeping an eye on the competition in the EIHL? Which teams are you most looking forward to playing?

A- Yeah, I have been keeping an eye on the EIHL for a few years now. Teams like Sheffield, Nottingham, and Belfast have been power houses the last few years so those games I will definitely be looking forward to the most. 

Q- You’ve spent the majority of your pro career at one club in Tulsa-is it a wrench to leave?

A- Leaving Tulsa was a very difficult decision. I have met so many great people there from fans, staff member and players. Tulsa embraced me and gave me my first opportunity to prove myself and I thank the Oilers organization for that

Q- You’ve already said you spoke with former Blaze forward Gerome Giudice a lot before coming to Coventry-was his input a key in your deciding to sign here?

A- Gerome definitely had a factor in me signing. Gerome and I spent a lot of time together in Tulsa and the way he spoke about Coventry from the guys in the locker room, to the city and organization, and the fans made me feel comfortable about bringing my career overseas.

Q- There’s a lot of excitement in Coventry about your offensive ability from the blueline, but what are you most looking forward to about playing for the Blaze?

A- The Fans! The support and outreach I have already experienced from the fans have me counting down the days til our home opener.

Sean already seems excited to come to Coventry, and scouting and all information shows that he could be an excellent counterpart to Mike Schutte on the offensive blue line. Certainly, it’s not just him counting down the days to the home opener…





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