The Night Before EIHL Christmas

With apologies (again) to Clement Clarke Moore, it’s time for this year’s Chasing Dragons Christmas message this Christmas Eve:

Twas the night before Christmas, in the EIHL
Sheffield, Braehead, Belfast, Cardiff, Nottingham as well
Edinburgh, Coventry, Fife, Hull & Dundee
Players, coaches, fans dreaming of what they could be

Meanwhile, hidden, the DOPS men did rest
Nine referees, chosen from among the world’s best
Their rulings all made (though some disagree)
With minds impartial, for player safety

In Belfast, a new era, with faces the same
Led by Steve Thornton, back in the UK game
European heroics made Giants’ eyes smile
But there are nerves Laganside, over league form, meanwhile

In Braehead, Purple Armies are gathering, proud
For a title assault, backed by sell-out crowds
Finner’s men play with skill, and a snarl to fear
Whisper it, Glasgow: “is this your year?!”

In Cardiff, Devils rise like bats out of hell
Under Lord their master, & saviour Kelman as well,
Some said “over-hyped” but the team proved them wrong
And now in the Valleys they sing a victory song

In Coventry, though, the times have been tough
A coach fired, because “OK is not good enough”
And now Chuck Weber faces a mammoth task
Relighting the Blaze – is it too big an ask?

In Dundee, too, the Stars have not shone
Bottom at Christmas, but all hope’s not gone
Recently winning has eased heavy hearts
But a Hutchy turn-around needs to come fast

Edinburgh, Scotland’s Capitals, slow out of the traps
But as Christmas arrives, there are feathers in their Caps
Hartmann’s got them streaking, filled with new belief
Edinburgh lions, finally showing their teeth

Across the Forth in Kirkcaldy, in Flyers country
Fifers hope for a repeat of history
Chaumont, Fleming, Lukacevic and Auger
Are the names they hope bring trophy joy their way

Hull, young & fearless, & led by coach Pacha
Jordan Mayer, Hervato, and the better Tanaka
The Stingrays aren’t perfect, but they’ve earned the right
To beat any team, on any night

The Panthers, blinded by bright CHL lights
Have had some bad, some good, and one glorious night
Beating Hamburg their highlight, but as Yule draws near
Fans fear that cracks are beginning to appear

The Steelers sit proud at the top of the tree
“Happy Christmas Sheffield-welcome back Jeff Legue!”
But deadly rivals await them on Boxing Day
Lose to them, and Xmas won’t be so happy & gay

Now on this Christmas Eve, one duty remains
For your humble writer, of Chasing Dragons fame
To thank you for reading, this year & the next
And leave you a wish to end this scribbled text

As you celebrate this Yuletide, fellow hockey fan
Be you Steeler, or Panther, or Blaze, Stingray, Clan
Flyer, Giant, Capital, or Devil, or Star
Merry Christmas to you, wherever you are!

Thank you to all of you for reading my ramblings on here or Twitter this year-it’s been a joy to write for you…and here’s to more in 2015.

Merry Christmas, everyone,


2 thoughts on “The Night Before EIHL Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas from a land afar , readind your blog, s from A to Z has enlightened me, So its left to myself and your Cousin Christopher from Sharks Bay Sharm El Sheik Eygpt SEE YOU IN 2015 🙂

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